Choosing a middleman for purchases in the USA

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The number of buyers who prefer to shop online overseas is growing every year. And there is a good reason for that - prices for goods in foreign online stores are significantly lower. And sometimes you can't buy the necessary thing from us at all, because they simply don't sell it.

In this case, forwarding services (or mail forwarders) come to the rescue, which will take care of receiving the parcel to their American address and subsequent forwarding to the customer . They act as an intermediary between the customer and the online store.

Forwarding services can combine several parcels into one, take photos of the contents, buy a lot for you at an auction, repack the parcel, and much more. The shipping cost is made up of the shipping cost and the intermediary's service fee.

Which intermediary is cheaper and faster to deliver a parcel from the USA, which intermediary has a more convenient website? We are looking for answers to these questions in this review of the best virtual mail forwarding service

Pochtoy.c om

One of the most reliable delivery services for goods from the USA. The company is customer-oriented, delivery methods and services are constantly being improved in order to offer users the best rates. Receiving, processing and sending a parcel is free of charge.

+ shipping from $ 8.99

+ simple site with clear, clear instructions

+ free SMS about the status of parcels

+ fast support

+ there is a system of discounts, depending on the accumulated volume of orders


Shopfans is the largest reseller company offering 6 delivery methods, including our own. A parcel up to 1 pound (0.4 kg) can be delivered for as little as $ 10.

Incoming parcels weighing up to 3 pounds cost $ 3, and $ 5 - over 3 pounds (1.36 kg). For shipping methods Shopfans Lite, Shopfans Express and BWW-Ukraine, you can request a promotional code for free incoming calls in Shopfans Support. Removing shoe boxes - $ 2. Free storage for 75 days.

+ one of the best site for convenience

+ for beginners there are step-by-step instructions to popular stores

+ several people can send to one account

+ fast packing and sending of parcels

- paid additional services


EasyShip has opened a parcel delivery business from the United States in addition to its core business of customs clearance and delivery of goods from the United States .

+ low prices (from $ 8.99) for transportation due to the use of our own transport network

+ many additional free services

+ user-friendly and simple interface

+ shipment twice a week - no need to wait long


The Dnipro company, unlike ordinary mail forwarding companies, is also engaged in the transportation of goods for organizations in large containers.

+ low prices for transportation due to large volumes

+ all additional services are free, including consolidation, photo, removal of boxes 

+ all parcels are insured for $ 60 (free)

+ there is a cheap shipment by sea, the minimum weight of the parcel is 9 kg. Shipping costs $ 57

- there is no courier delivery yet (it should appear soon)

- inconvenient interface inherited from the service for corporate clients

- slow support service


USAPostline reseller has been operating in the US trucking market since 2010. The company has focused on fast and inexpensive shipping methods. The minimum cost of transportation is $ 1.75 USD per 100 grams, which allows even a pen to be ordered from America.

+ low prices for forwarding 

+ minimum waiting time for the parcel to be sent to the client (subject to the entry of the parcel track in the USA)

If the client has declared the parcel, then the parcel is automatically sent to the Russian Federation on credit without prepayment. Payment for services is made after customs clearance and the arrival of the parcel at the warehouse in Moscow.

The company, at first actively gaining popularity among buyers , has recently reoriented itself to Arab buyers. 

+ simple user-friendly website

+ free basic services

- high prices

Shopozz offers delivery via government postal services and the Mist Postal Company. The set of services is standard, the cost of consolidation and receipt of parcels is $ 0.

When registering, you must provide a scan of your passport and bank card (only the last 4 digits should be visible)

+ uniform cost of shipments for different cities, regardless of distance

+ free consolidation and processing of parcels

- photos of the parcel - paid

The company "Polar Express" has been operating in the market for shipping goods from the United States since 2010. This small, family owned business has become quite popular with buyers.

The cost of processing one package is only $ 1.

+ inexpensive prices

- for fast delivery of PE-SPSR-Econom, opaque customs clearance schemes are used without paying full duties, which is fraught with the loss of the parcel when the management of the customs post is changed / arrested

- you need to enter information about the expected parcel (otherwise, a fine of $ 1 will be charged, and the delivery time will be increased)

- a detailed declaration will be required for fast delivery methods, indicating the configuration of devices or clothing sizes

- inconvenient site, there is no order history in the personal account

The company has been sending parcels since 2007. Recently changed its name to BOXFORWARD

+ additional packaging for free

+ no commission when replenishing the balance (others usually have 3.5%)

+ free photos

- the cost of consolidating parcels - $ 5

The company offers shipping using USPS  and UPS courier service. The main clients of the service are the organizers of the joint venture.

+ simple site

+ free box removal

- expensive additional packaging

- no fast delivery to pickup points such as Boxberry or DPD


The oldest and most famous shipping service. This is an American company, but the site has been translated into Russian and has Russian-language support. Most expensive services.

+ user-friendly site with clear navigation

+ cumulative shipping discounts are available

+ many instructions in Russian

- the cost of the tariff with a subscription fee will be $ 50 per year or $ 10 per month

- paid consolidation ($ 3)

- for a tariff without a monthly fee, consolidation is not available, as well as paid removal of packaging


For many, the thought of an additional link when buying a thing they like causes a headache and a desire to refuse an order. On the one hand, the additional labor costs for setting up an account and processing the shipment seem excessive. On the other hand, prices for goods in the United States are lower than at home, and this plus is ready to outweigh all the minuses.

One thing is for sure, using a middleman comes with extra effort only on the first purchase. Having registered once, it is much easier to send subsequent parcels to yourself.

We assessed intermediaries in terms of cost and speed of delivery, availability of additional services, as well as ease of use of the site.

On a combination of factors, ,  Shopfans  and  EasyShip are the winners . These services, in addition to additional free services such as removal of packaging, photos of the parcel, etc., have the widest choice of delivery methods and the prices are lower than those of competitors.

We hope that our review helped you choose the most convenient and profitable intermediary for the delivery of things from the United States. We will be glad if you can help improve the review by leaving comments in the form below. 

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